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» » New day, new refugees camp

Today Francois and me are heading to the refugee camp in Jenine which is about 40 minutes north from the refugee camp ASKAR in Naplouse where Martin will be spending the day.
We're fetching a taxi-bus to get there, so Francois gets the oppertunity to discover a ride in a car Palestinian way. We're surprised that there's no Palestinian formula 1 driver yet!


Not just dust in my eyes...


Today the aim is to profit from the little worshop in the rehabilitation center of the refugee camp to produce the equipment for the patients that I examined yesterday.
Work conditions aren't too bad although the machines are old with no dust aspiration system and loads of noise.
I'm happy to see that the workshop has evolved since last year and that the materials that I left were almost entirely used.


The patient of the day

A 38 year old man who suffered an electric discharge at work.
Various people join the consultation, a physiotherapist specialized in prosthetics (there's no trained podo-orthotist or podologue) and students in physiotherapy.
The patient has an left transmeta tarso amputation and general pain under of what is left from his left foot. He walks on the tip of his toes with no elevation of his foot and a high risk of fall. The prosthetic that he's wearing is not functionnal so I show Mahmoud, the physiotherapist how to modify the equipment. I add an orthopedic sole and want to see him again on Thursday.


Tomorrow we'll go to the American university in Jenine to hold a conference in front of 200 students as well as a workshop is organized for 20 students in the afternoon.