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» » "I've flat foot"


I've been waiting for this for months! Compared to last summer a lot has improved especially the managment of the consultations.

The managers of the camp seemed to have figured out more precisely my work concerning orthopedic equipment, as a more specific selection of the patients is made.


"I've flat foot"...


The saying stays the same since last year. I still don't understand why so many people living in the refugee camp have flat feet, grade 3. (The most severe type)
A lot of complications derive from flat feet during growth or in addition to certain activities : general pain in ankles,  knees...etc.
The equipment that I'll produce will be simple as we don't have much material at our disposal in the ASKAR refugee camp.


The story of the day.


Mohammed is 28 years old,  he was injured by fragments of an high-explosive shell during the second Intifada in 2002. He was rescued then hospitalized in Jordan. His scars are impressive. Asking myself how he survived. He was imprisoned in Israel when he left the hospital and was released 10 years later. Obviously he never had rehabilitation.
Today he's not too bad : he has a left tip toe which means that he walks on the tip of his toes without touching the floor with his heels. Since three months he has severe ankle pain. I'll produce his equipment in a refugee camp in Jenine which is an hour drive from Naplouse. I want him to walk properly on his heels again. We'll meet again on Wednesday ...

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